Hihome M28x1.5mm thermostaatknop adapter voor Hihome Smart Thermostaatknop TRV-ADM2815


M28x1.5mm thermostaatknop adapter set voor Hihome Smart Thermostaatknop

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Makes M28 valves suitable for mounting a Hihome Smart Radiator Valve

This radiator valve adapter allows slender thermostat buttons, with a standard M30 x 1.5 threaded connection, to be mounted on M28 x 1.5 threaded valves from Comap, SAR, Herz and TA.

The adapter is supplied with 4 separate spacers. The pin to be used depends on the brand of valve on the radiator.

Suitable for:

  • Herz M28 x 1.5 valve - use spacer pin 2, length 17.0 mm
  • TA M28 x 1,5 valve - use pin 3 with length 18,5 mm
  • Comap M28 x 1.5 gate valve - use pin 3 with length 18.5 mm
  • SAR M28 x 1.5 gate valve - use pin 3, length 18.5 mm 

Check the manual here