Hihome Zigbee Door/Window Sensor

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After adding the Hihome Plug-in Zigbee Gateway to your Hihome network, you can add various Zigbee sensors.

The Door/Window Sensor can be easily mounted to any door or window. It is advised to clean the surface before using the 3M tape to mount the parts. 

Any smart function or automation can be triggered when opening or closing the sensor. Turn on or off the lights, start an automation or send a notification to your phone.

The battery life is up to 5 years or 150.000 activations. Set a low battery alarm to notify you timely to replace the CR2 battery.

A Zigbee-gateway is needed.
What about ZigBee wireless? This is a wireless protocol that also operates in the 2.4GHz band, like WiFi and Bluetooth, but it operates at much lower data rates. The main advantages of ZigBee wireless are

  • Low power consumption
  • Very robust network
  • Up to 65,645 nodes
  • Very easy to add or remove nodes from the network


Technical Specifications:

  • Supports 802.15.4 MAC/PHY
  • Operating channels 11 to 26 @2.400-2.483GHz, air-interface rate 250Kbps
  • Built-in DC-DC circuit for maximum power efficiency
  • +10dBm maximum output.
  • 63uA/MHz operating power consumption; 1.4 uA sleep current

Manual File:

Download PDF Manual

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