Hihome TRV
Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat
Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat

Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat


    Custom controls give you the power to save energy.

    • The Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Valve lets you regulate the temperature in each room of your home. Use the Hihome smartphone app to program a timed schedule to your desired settings and make adjustments with a single tap.
    • Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple Siri Shortcuts to use voice commands, or manually adjust using the control knob for the perfect temperature in every room.


    • Low power usage: The Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Valve works on the long-range Zigbee wireless protocol and ensures long battery life. Two AA batteries operate the Smart Radiator Valve for up to two years. 
    • Open Window: If an open window causes a drop in temperature of 4ºC within 6 minutes, the valve will automatically close. The optional motion or door/window sensor will also prompt the Smart Valve to close if it senses a temperature drop.

    • Works with your home: The Hihome Radiator Thermostat uses a very common 30x1.5mm connection and includes four adaptor rings for a perfect fit on almost any valve.

    • Anti-block Function: Thermostat valves tend to stick after periods of inactivity. The Hihome Smart Radiator Valve automatically opens every 14 days when not in use to prevent blockages.

    • DHS compatible: Works with European district heating systems.


    What’s in the box?

    • Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Valve
    • Four adapter rings
    • Quickstart Guide


    Note: A Hihome or Tuya Compatible Zigbee gateway is needed to operate this Smart Thermostat. A gateway is not included in this package. You can buy a separate Hihome Zigbee gateway or purchase a starter kit.

    For fitting instructions, please refer to Hihome Support.

     The Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit does not operate central heating controls.

    Hihome Smart products are compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. 5GHz networks or dual-band SSID’s are not supported. Visit Hihome Support for specifications and more information.