Hihome Indoor AppCam Full-HD ID1
Hihome Indoor AppCam Full-HD ID1
Hihome Indoor AppCam Full-HD ID1
FHD 1080p WiFi
  • SKU: WSC-ID1

Hihome Indoor AppCam Full-HD ID1


    With a smart AppCam from Hihome you can keep an eye on your house and loved ones wherever you are. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, the camera is connected to your home network and you can use the Hihome App to see if everything is alright, wherever you are.

    Because the camera can also detect movement, you will receive a notification on your smartphone with a picture of the situation if desired. If you want to watch live, you connect immediately.

    The camera is equipped with the option to insert a microSD memory card. Such a memory card (max. 128 GB) can record video 24/7 for up to a month. A 32GB microSD card is sufficient for more than a week. From the Hihome App you can look back in recordings. So you don't have to miss anything. It is also possible to store images in the Hihome Cloud, securely and only accessible to you. This requires a small fee in the form of a subscription, but if you insert a memory card yourself you have no costs. (memory card is not included).

    With the built-in IR lighting you can see excellent even in the dark. As soon as the daylight disappears, the camera automatically switches to IR night vision and this gives you a view of 8 to 10 meters. So when you think you hear something at night, open your App and take a look right away.

    (microSD memory card of at least Class 10 is required.)