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Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD
FHD 1080p WiFi
  • SKU: WSC-OD1

Hihome Outdoor AppCam Full-HD

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    • Live Stream from Anywhere in HD. The 1080p Full HD live streaming lets you see inside your house from anywhere in real-time using your smartphone (iOS and Android). While live streaming, you can listen and speak using the two-way audio capability through the Hihome App.
    • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor use. The camera housing is IP65 tested and water and dustproof and can be used outdoors in all seasons.
    • Connect the flat USB cable to an indoor power supply by leading through the cable through a small hole in the wall or window frame. The USB-A connector needs a hole of 15x8mm.
    • Motion Detection - When you activate motion detection, you will get a notification and a snapshot image on your smartphone when the camera detects motion. You can directly start Live View to see what is happening. You can set smart schedules for notification to avoid unnecessary notifications. Motion detection has 3 levels so you can set the right sensitivity for your use.
    • Record 24/7 to local microSD memory that is accessible anywhere you are using the Hihome App. Select the date and time to playback your recordings. A MicroSD Memory card is not included in the package as standard. Only use Class10 microSD cards of renowned brands. You can use Memory cards up to 128GB for over a month of recording. (A 32GB Memory card holds recordings for over a week) Once the Memory card is full, the oldest will be overwritten.
    • Cloud recording is available as a paid option. You will get a one time 30 days trial for cloud recording of 14 days. Cloud recordings are AES encrypted and transferred through an encrypted TLS channel. Recordings are securely stored on the Hihome Servers in Frankfurt, Germany.
    • Using the App, you can take Snapshots of your Live Stream and also download (Live) recordings to your smartphone.
    • Night Vision - See what you can’t see with the naked eye. The IR light that the camera transmits in darkness gives you a night view in Black and White of 8-10 meters.
    • Hey, Google, Alexa? We have you covered. The Hihome camera’s work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Just say, Hey Google, stream the garage camera to the Nest Hub, or Cast to your Android TV. Easy as that. Stream your Baby Room camera to Alexa Show, simply use your voice.
    • You can share your camera streams and recordings with your family members by inviting them to your Hihome account. Removing the share is easily removed.
    • Hihome Smart products work on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Networks on 5GHz or dual-band SSID’s are not supported.


    With a smart AppCam from Hihome you can keep an eye on your house and loved ones wherever you are. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, the camera is connected to your home network and you can use the Hihome App to see if everything is alright, wherever you are.

    Because the camera can also detect movement, you will receive a notification on your smartphone with a picture of the situation if desired. If you want to watch live, you connect immediately.

    The camera is equipped with the option to insert a microSD memory card. Such a memory card (max. 128 GB) can record video 24/7 for up to a month. A 32GB microSD card is sufficient for more than a week. From the Hihome App you can look back in recordings. So you don't have to miss anything. It is also possible to store images in the Hihome Cloud, securely and only accessible to you. This requires a small fee in the form of a subscription, but if you insert a memory card yourself you have no costs. (memory card is not included).

    With the built-in IR lighting you can see excellent even in the dark. As soon as the daylight disappears, the camera automatically switches to IR night vision and this gives you a view of 8 to 10 meters. So when you think you hear something at night, open your App and take a look right away.

    The Hihome Outdoor AppCam is equipped with a water and dustproof housing. So ideal for outside, summer and winter. With the 2 meter long flat cable with USB connector you can connect the camera to a power supply (adapter included). A hole in the wall or frame through which the USB connector fits is enough to connect the cable. Sometimes a crack in a frame also allows the flat cable to be fed through. Installation does not have to take more than 10 minutes. If you want to install it perfectly, it takes a little more time depending on your situation

    (microSD memory card of at least Class 10 is required.)


    Download the Manual:

    Manual WSC-OD1



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