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How to switch off a charger when finished charging

door Hihome Academy op February 02, 2021

Many people travel by e-bike or electrics scooter these days. Battery technology has advanced a lot but charging is still needed.

In case you feel better when the charger is switched off when it has finished charging, a Hihome Smart plug can be helpful.

With the below explained Smart Automation, we show an example setup to switch off the charger when charging is 100%. 

What does this Automation do:

You have to manually switch on the Plug (by button, voice or App) when you want to start charging and you plug in the charger into the bike or battery.

1. Once the charger starts, you can check the power usage selecting the Energy tab. You will see the power consumption at the time of charging. In this example is it 184Watt.


2. Setup the Automation by the following step. The goal is to switch off the plug when the power consumption of the charger drops to low, indicating that charging is completed. When charing, the chargerconsumes 184W in our example. So we now set the threshold for switching off to 11.5W.

Tab Smart and then "+" to add a new automation. Select "When device status changes".


3. Choose the device you want to operate with this automation, in our example the Smart Plug. Them from the list you choose "power" as we want to trigger the switch on dropped power usage, as this indicated that charging is completed.


4. Then we set the power consumption threshold that will indicate a full charge, in our example we set the value to "<" = lower than 11.5W. (can also be a lower value, just try). Next step, we choose "Run the device" and choose "Switch 1".

 5. Select "Switch Off" and complete the setup of the automation.


6. Now the automation is ready to be used. You can change the appearance in the App and rename the automation when you want. 


This example is made to let you see how easy it is to create smart automation. 

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